Uncategorized 20 April 2021

Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection and this year we wanted to outline a few of the things we’re doing, things we’re working towards and things that our co’moo’nity have been doing to do their bit.

Not only are we the first UK yogurt manufacturers to commit to using only free-range milk in all of our yogurts, it is also locally sourced. We limit our milk collections to the local area only, which means not only are we supporting our farmers and local community, but we’re also lowering our emissions and miles travelled. It’s a win for just about everyone.

Speaking of farms, a lot of our farmers also have wind turbines installed on their farms. Not only does this mean that they’re self-sufficient of energy but they also sell back to the grid!

On top of that we have a number of sustainability projects on site, such as repurposing waste heat around the factory into processes which require heating.

We have a range of products available, which are now completely recyclable. 

Even so, we’re always looking at ways we can improve our products, and our packaging is one thing that is constantly under review. As part of our efforts to have a better impact on the environment we’ve been trialling new ideas of packaging our products. 

Keep your eyes peeled for future packaging initiatives!

We receive some amazing messages from our comoonity showing us exciting ways they’ve reused our pots, whether it be storage tubs or flowerpots, there are so many creative ways you can give our pots a new lease of life.

Below are a few of our favourites!