Free Range 21 June 2019

10 Little Freedoms You Have To Try This Week

1) Leave your phone in a separate room for a day

You’d be surprised how much you can get done / what you can enjoy without the distraction of those pesky notifications!

2) Try something different for tea

It’s easy to fall into a trap of eating the same meals, so why not try something new this week? You might even surprise yourself!


3) Go for a stroll

Too often we forget to appreciate our surrounding. Put on a pair of your comfiest shoes and enjoy the outdoors, whether you live in a busy city or out in the countryside, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a hidden gem along the way!

4) Say no!

Are you constantly rushing around for other people (not that there’s anything wrong with being the helpful person you are) and feel like your weekends are over before you’ve had a chance to do anything for yourself?

Just say no for a change!


5) Visit a new city/town

You might come across some strange accents along the way, but exploring somewhere new is never a bad thing…


6) Go to that restaurant you keep saying you need to try

What are you waiting for?



7) Do absolutely nothing…

Grab your duvet, stick the kettle on and get fire up the TV, be prepared to binge that series you’ve been eyeing up.


8)Treat yourself (or get someone to treat you) to breakfast in bed

Just beware of the crumbs…


9) Cake.

If you don’t usually indulge in a dessert after tea then now is your chance!


10) Have a pyjama day!

You won’t regret it…