Health 25 October 2017

Live Healthy, Feel Good

There are a number of different benefits to living healthy and the main one is feeling good. Living healthy often starts with eating well and combine this with exercise and you’re on to a winner. However, for the time being, we’re going to remain with the food theme.

We often complain about feeling rubbish or unwell and usually can’t quite understand why. Could it be that our diet is actually hindering our health? Simply put, yes. If you think back to when you were a kid when you ate too many sweets, you’d have 10 minutes of a sugar high and then the ‘come down’ would begin. The E numbers kick in and you’d start to feel rubbish.

‘Bad’ foods are all about eating in moderation and ensure you maintain eating those foods good for you. Take nuts and seeds for example. Both are full of dietary fibre which helps the body aid digestion, protein which helps the bodies growth and repair and essential fats which the body cannot produce on it’s own. As you can tell, such a simple food with so many benefits can have such a positive effect your health and therefore how good you feel. Another example, as seen onITV’s Save Money: Good Diet TV series (series 1: Episode 2 – ), are the good bacteria or ‘cultures’ used in yogurts, which many people believe to be a myth.

In a nutshell, there are so many foods out there that can make you feel good and result in us leading healthier, happier lives. Try them, you might be surprised!