Summooo Time 22 September 2017

Summooo Time’s Over

It doesn’t seem like yesterday since it was the Summer solstice and we were all celebrating the start of British Summer time. The days grew longer, the weather became warmer (marginally) and we began to holiday as only us Brits know how.

We always seem to find that Summer can be a very difficult time when you factor in the kid’s school holidays, family getaways, those days on the beach and how can we forget, the unpredictable weather.

However, as Summer is coming to a sharp close, we find ourselves looking back over the last few months and thinking we wouldn’t change anything about it and clearly, we don’t. In typical British fashion, Summer has the same routine year in year out and that’s what we love about it. We always come out the other end fairly happy. It’s only when we’ve finished moaning that we realise Winter is looming and we’d give anything to get those Summer months back. Ironic don’t you think?